WARNING: This report is NOT for ‘regular’ people...
“A call to action for anyone who is sick and tired of ‘small fry’ pay-outs and demands

You WILL NEVER read about this anywhere else, because NO ONE is prepared to pull-the-punches and tell you how to really make serious money...
I’m talking about the ability to make your monthly salary in just weeks – not months or years... and you could start achieving this reality TODAY

Dear Reader,
This letter will shock and upset you...
If you’re not the kind of person who is ready to take real chances, real risk and real action to achieve the kind of money most people only dream of...
Then please…

STOP: Please stop reading now if you don’t want to discover how you could start making your monthly salary in weeks – not months or years. 

Seriously. I’m not wasting my time for jokers here. The opportunity I must tell you about today is only, ONLY for people who are ready to take action.
If you are that kind of person... a person who wants to take control of their financial future, then let me assure you: this will be the most important letter you read this year!
And look, I’m going to move through this pretty fast. I’m going to assume you’re already a ‘clued up’ person who doesn’t need me to ‘baby-foot’ around and treat you like an idiot.
I’m going to lay this on the table quickly and clearly, then you can make a decision as to whether you want to become a member of an elite group of investors who are DEMANDING big profits now.

Only read on if you want to discover an untapped world of ‘alternative profits’ that could literally TRANSFORM the way you make money forever...

OK. We should be on the same page by now.
So, let’s not beat about the bush: let me state right now exactly what I’m going to reveal to you today:

And that’s what this is really all about – uncovering and unlocking big money opportunities that I call ‘alternative profits’.
These are the kind of plays that aren’t for any old Gerhard – it’s these ‘alternative profits’ that could very quickly enable you to start making your monthly salary in weeks – months or years.
But before I charge full steam ahead, let me very quickly introduce myself. When you become a member of my elite alternative profit group, we’ll be spending a lot of time together.
So, I’m Trader X.
I’ve been investigating ‘alternative profits’ for god knows how long now. It seems like forever. In fact, thinking back to my school days, I remember trying to find ‘alternative’ ways to make a etc tens of thousands...
You remember those different types of marbles you used to try to collect as a kid? Well, I remember one day I had the idea to save up all my pocket money for a couple of weeks and then buy as many marbles as possible...
We’re talking a lot of marbles here. Ironies, Cats eyes, Pearls, Shooters, Red Devils you name it… But my plan: when other kids were out in the playground swapping their marbles they needed, I was building up a marble empire. Bingo.
I could have been stuck just switching a ton of useless marbles, with others, but it turns out, I had enough quality marbles to turn into a number of night outs at the Cinema.
If I’ve learnt one thing about making money in my lifetime – it’s that thinking outside the box like that and having the foresight to spot a clever investment (just like those marbles) is absolutely essential.
The real point here...
If you want to make real money in this life... the kind of money that means you make your annual salary in a couple of months... if you want to stick your head out from the crowd...
It’s only by taking some risk on an ‘out there’ alternative idea that you’re going to succeed.
That’s the only way you’re ever going to be able to make your annual salary in a matter of months. That’s why what I’m about to reveal to YOU here is so important. 

Before I get down to it though, I must apologise for being a bit short at the start of this...
Stick YOUR head out from the crowd
Fact is, I reckon you’re only 1 of, say, every 10 people who started reading this letter who actually ‘get it’.
Most ‘regular’ people will have made a huge mistake and given up already.
But it’s good news for you...
Since I’m only going to let 1,000 new members into my elite alternative profit group, it’s important we get rid of the losers fast.
And now hopefully we’ve ditched those people who think there’s no other way to make money in this world apart from kissing your bosses ass 9-5 for a measly pay cheque each month.
By being here now and reading this far, I know YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE...
You ‘get it’.
So, let’s really get started...

Stand out from the crowd and become a member of an elite group of money-makers making their monthly salary in weeks – not months or years...

You’re wondering what exactly ‘alternative profits’ are?
I should set the record straight right now...
This has got nothing to do with your standard investment techniques – there are no boring JSE stocks, no dreary dividends and no sober saving accounts that don’t really make you a cent.
You can forget small gains and boring plays. Their time is up. Shout it from the hills...
The old way of investing is DEAD.
This really is a call to action for anyone who is sick and tired of ‘small fry’ payouts and demands big profits now... it’s a call to action for you.
Because that is exactly what these ‘alternative profits’ offer you... more exciting profits, bigger profits, faster profits.
But don’t think this new school of financial investment doesn’t have its dangers... hell, if you want to discover how you could make your monthly salary in a matter of weeks you’re going to have to take some risk.
I mean, you take this letter to a financial advisor or some other old school investment ‘expert’ and excuse my French but they’ll crap themselves.
Why? Well, they’re scared for one. The kind of ‘alternative profits’ you’ll discover here are big enough to cover even the most overpaid financial advisor’s salary.
But the real reason they would try to put you off is because they know
there is real opportunity here... In fact, there is such a vast range of big money opportunities here that they could end the need for financial advisors… full stop.
They don’t talk about them because they don’t have the balls to get in on them. But some people do, people like you. And those people make a fortune.
This is YOUR chance to become one of those people...

Discover a single ‘alternative profit’ technique that could pocket you nearly TWICE your salary in one month

Say the average salary is about R15,000...
Well, in one afternoon one clever investor walked away with nearly twice that thanks to just one month of the ‘alternative profit’ techniques I’d like to share with you today.
R23,650 in a flash.
Which is why, by now, you really should be asking me:

“Trader X, how the hell can I start to make these ‘alternative profits’ myself?”

A damn good question and I’m glad you’re starting to think proactively...
I knew you got this already and now I know you are exactly the kind of person who’ll be able to make an opportunity like this work.
What would be perfect for me would be if in a few weeks’ time – once you’ve become a member of my elite alternative profit group – I could write another letter like this to someone in exactly the same place you are right now...
And in that letter it would be YOUR success story. 
They’d be where you are right now...
They’d be wondering how to get involved after they’d just been inspired by how YOU were the clever investor the Business Day Channel were reporting on... how YOU had been the one to walk away with that R23,650 or more in just under a month.
That’s where I want you to be.
And that’s where you could be if you take action today...

The ‘New Barcode’ set to rocket this one alternative profit investment UP 142% - banking you nearly twice your money

For a quick minute, just try something for me...
Open your kitchen cupboard and pick out something at random.
Chances are it’s got a barcode on it, right?
In fact, pretty much everything you ever buy has a barcode on it.
But did you know that as we speak the old barcode as we know it is being replaced, in fact totally wiped out. 

An international standards agency known as ‘EPC Gen2’ are currently moving forward on standardising a ‘new barcode’ – known as an RFID – that could come into effect across the world.
Imagine the enormity of this... imagine replacing all the bar codes in the world... imagine if there was a way to profit from something on this massive scale...?
There is.
And if you’re able to get in on this one alternative profit opportunity today, it could easily return you nearly TWO TIMES your money...
In fact, I believe that if these ‘new barcodes’ are rolled out across the world this profit play could rocket by as much as 142%.
You could turn a R5,000 investment into a huge R12,100.
It’s exactly these kinds of ‘alternative profits’ that I’m looking for day in day out...
Whether it’s an opportunity to walk away with R23,650 in just under one month or the chance to ride out a worldwide development that could send your investment soaring 142%...
It is ONLY this kind of exciting, alternative profit opportunity that gives you the chance to make your monthly salary in weeks not months or years.
It’s about making your money work as hard as it can for you.
Your standard ‘small fry’ investment techniques are never going to work that hard for you... boring local blue chip stocks, dreary dividends and sober saving accounts won’t really ever make you a cent – with the Covid crisis destroying the South African economy and confidence.
And talking about ‘savings’ accounts – there’s a laugh.
In the modern world it’s just not good enough to leave your money in the bank anymore.
Fact is: it’s no longer safe...

BANK-AGEDDON: Monday 1st June 2031
The day when the world’s last ever bank
will close its doors for good?

It sounds far-fetched, right?
But do you really think that in ten years’ time there’ll still be banks as we know them? Do you really think they’ll survive with what they’ve done?
I mean, have you really stopped to think about this...
Forget for a moment about the bailout, forget about the corruption, forget about the over-paid bonuses… let’s get down to the facts here.
I’m talking about the reason why you’d ever even use a bank in the first place...
You see, the best – and I’m talking the top of the pops here, most times you’ll struggle to get near 3% - but some banks do offer something like a 4% return on your ‘investment’.
**HOME TRUTH ALERT**: I know what you’re thinking. Putting your money in a bank isn’t an ‘investment’. It’s just... well... it’s just putting your money in the bank, right?
That’s half the problem...
Putting your money in the bank has become a natural thing – it’s just what you do. But it is an investment, it’s just that in the past you never saw it as one because it was as close to a ‘risk free’ investment as you can possible get.
But things have changed... a bank is no longer ‘risk free’.
And what’s even more shocking: take HSBC... Natwest... Royal Bank of Scotland...
A quick look on a standard comparison site and all they offer on your so called ‘risk-free investment’ is a 3% return.
So, you put a R100,000 in and 12 months later, ignoring compounding, which adds a little more, but not much, you roughly end up with...
Drum roll, please...
You end up with your R100,000 and...
Another R3,000. Lekker!
Seriously, joking aside, that is absolutely, shockingly, immorally bad.
You agree with me on this, right...?
There you are investing, trusting your money for a whole year to the bank (who use it however the hell they want) and all you end up with to show for it is an extra R3,000. A whole year = R3,000!

Worst of it is...
Because nowadays investing your money in a bank is no longer ‘risk free’, it’s perfectly possible that something could happen which means you don’t even get your R100,000 back, let alone an extra R3,000.
It might be an ugly truth – but it’s the truth nevertheless –putting your money in the bank is not risk free.
That’s why I believe there has never been a better time for the kind of alternative profits I’d like to share with you today...
I told you about the ‘New Barcode’ opportunity...just think: instead of wasting your R100,000 investment in a bank that is going to return you R3,000 tops...
If you were to invest R100,000 in this alternative profit opportunity, you could not only get your R100,000 back, you could pick up...
Another R23,650
That’s more like it, right?
And remember, this is JUST ONE month of the alternative profit opportunities I’d like to let you in on today.
You’ll discover a vast range of different opportunities that could have you pocketing your annual salary in a matter of months.
So, forget picking up some worthless R3,000...
Become one of the 1,000 people to join my elite group of alternative profit hunters today and you could literally TRANSFORM your financial success forever.

“How much MORE MONEY do you
want to make next year...?”

Before I go any further, I need to get something off my chest. Do you mind...?
You see, there’s a myth about making money that has an incredibly negative effect on most people and I want to make sure it’s not having a negative effect on you.
How would YOU answer that question?
The majority of people wouldn’t answer it at all. Instead, they’d immediately come up with a load of ridiculous reasons why it isn’t possible to just choose the amount of money you could make next year.
It’s that kind of closed, negative mindset that can DESTROY any hope you have of making any real money in your lifetime – let alone next year, next month or next week.
But if you can break yourself out of that mindset... if you can stand up now and answer me how much more money you want to make next year... then it’s time for YOU to take action...

A call to action for anyone who is sick and tired of ‘small fry’ payouts and demands BIG PROFITS NOW

This is it...
You’ve made it very clear to me by reaching this point that you are exactly the type of thoughtful money-maker who is ready to take action and become one of the 1,000 people who will join me in locking on to the kind of alternative profits I’ve been telling you about here.
So, how can YOU become a member of this exclusive group of canny investors?
It’s simple... all you need to do is take two minutes (that’s all it takes) to complete the special membership form here and reserve your place.
As I say, membership is STRICTLY LIMITED to just 1,000 people so you do need to take action TODAY.
But before you do, let me explain exactly what you’ll receive as a member...

An unparalleled membership package that could enable you to become one of the elite few who make their annual salary in a matter of months...

As a member of my alternative profit hunter group, you’ll receive a wealth of ideas and information that will reveal to you a vast range of ways to generate big profits on a regular basis...

Platinum Package Part 1:
+40 exclusive ‘members only’ new ‘Alternative Profits’ opportunities

Every week, you’ll receive the best ‘Alternative Profit’ plays.
Inside I’ll crunch the numbers, find the best profit plays and give you expert ideas that will enable you to…

And you could discover all of that in just one month of joining...
Imagine how many amazing alternative profit opportunities... opportunities that have the potential to earn your salary in a matter of weeks... imagine how many you’ll discover over an entire year.
But that’s just one part of the platinum package you’ll receive as one of the 1,000 exclusive members of my alternative profit hunter group...

Platinum Package Part 2:
The Essential Guide to Financial Pickpocket Trading

On the first day of joining our exclusive membership, you’ll discover how to profit from the financial markets on a daily basis.
I do all the work. I lay out exactly what you need to do in each email I send. But I want you to have the full story on how alternative profits work.
In fact, the guide will show you how it has the power to turn small, meagre investments of R5,000 into regular payouts of as much as R10,350, R10,950, R10,250 or even R12,100.
You’ll receive your exclusive copy of ‘The Essential Guide to Financial Pickpocket Trading’ as soon as you reserve your membership.
And it doesn’t stop there...

Platinum Package Part 3:
The Untapped World of High Profit Brokers

In the second of the exclusive guide that you’ll receive as a member, you’ll discover an untapped world of the most secured, high class, winning brokers and charting platforms that can help you return untold profits from the most alternative profit opportunities…
And not only will you find out how you could tap into this incredibly profitable alternative investment world...
You’ll find out how you can start doing so TODAY.
But that’s only if you’re able to secure one of the 1,000 spaces I’ve reserved here.
Remember, YOU ARE NOT one of those people who thinks there is no other way to make money in this world apart from kissing your bosses ass 9-5 for a measly pay cheque each month...
You ‘get it’.
You have broken yourself out of that old mindset... you can stand up now and answer me how much more money you want to make next year...
And when you become a member of my elite group, I’m going to give you the tools and advice YOU NEED to achieve that figure, to make you how much more money you want to make next year.

But you must take action TODAY.

Like you, I want big profits. I demand them.

You could very easily see gains like 107%, 119%, 105% or even 142%.
I think it’s pretty clear that if you want to discover and action the kind of alternative profit opportunities that could potentially make you your salary in a matter of weeks...
Becoming a member of my elite group of alternative profit hunters is the simplest and fastest way to do it.
But it’s not free. I’m sure you realise that already, you’re not daft. And the potential here is huge. I mean, that’s the whole point...
This is for people who are fed up, who are sick and tired of forking out their hard earned cash only to pick up ‘small fry’ payouts... this is for people like me and people like you who DEMAND big profits.
So, on the table... how much will it cost you to become a member of my elite group of alternative profit hunters?
I’ll give you a minute to clean up the coffee you’ve just accidentally spat out and take that in properly.
It really will just cost you just R925 to secure membership for an 90 days. Or R3,700 for the entire year.
It’s not much, I know that. But membership fees are not how I make my money, I’m interested in much bigger fish as I’ve already explained...
Really, the membership fee is just that – a fee to cover your membership...
Your one off annual payment of R3,700 enables me to cover the cost of everything I’ve mentioned today…
But look, I want to give you the opportunity to make sure being a member of my elite alternative profits group suits you.
So, when you reserve your place today, if you do so by credit card, I won’t actually take the R3,700.
Here’s what I’ll do...

I’ll send you everything but I will not take cent from your bank account until you’ve had a full 90 days to try everything... 

If you’re willing to give this a go...
If you’re willing to TAKE ACTION and become one of the 1,000 members of elite alternative profit group then I’m happy to wait for 90 days until YOU’RE HAPPY to commit your small R3,700 membership fee.

So, let me ask you one simple question...

Are you an ‘out of the box’ thinker who really
wants to MAKE money, or are you a sheep who
is happy to watch your money slip away...?

I’m sorry to be blunt again, but look...
I’m not going to waste my time or yours trying to convince you this is the best opportunity you have to potentially make your annual salary in a matter of months...
I’m going ahead on this with or without you. It sounds cold, but it’s the truth.
But I think you are someone who does belong in this elite group. I really do.
And I think when you become a member, you’ll soon realise it’s one of the wisest and most rewarding investments you’ve ever made.
So really, it comes down to one simple question you’ve got to ask yourself... 

Are you a person who wants to make more money...?
Or are you a person who is happy to watch your money disappear...?
If you’re happy to do nothing and slowly let the banks rob you blind before your eyes... then I’m afraid your time reading this invitation has been wasted. I’m sorry, and I hope you do survive.
But if you ask yourself that question and you are a person who wants to make more money... it’s time to take action.

It’s time – right now – to discover how you could get involved in massively overlooked alternative profit opportunities that have the potential to make you R23,650 in under one month...

It’s time – right now – to discover how you could get involved in game-changing alternative profit opportunities that have the potential to pocket you an extra R23,650.

It’s time – right now – to become one of the 1,000 elite members of my alternative profit group and literally transform your financial success forever.
It’s time.
I mean, after so long settling for the kind of ‘small fry’ payouts from boring local JSE blue chip stocks, dreary dividends and all those other gutless investments...
Don’t YOU think it’s time to demand something more?
Yes? Well, become a member of my elite group of alternative profit hunters and that is exactly what you’ll be able to do... starting TODAY.
Best wishes,
Trader X
Founder, Pickpocket Trader

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